A Bob-omb taking a scroll.

[edit] Background

See also: Bob-omb

[edit] Item Effect

Bob-ombs are very dangerous items and possibly have one of the greatest amounts of knock back in the entire series. They have been an item since the original Super Smash Bros. and have been a threat ever since. The Bob-omb lands on the stage and rests in place for a little while. In this time it can be picked up and thrown. If no one picks it up for a while, it gets sick of waiting and begins to pace along the stage. They wander until someone steps on them or runs into them, or until they just can't wander anymore and their crank runs out. They stop in place and begin to flash before they self-destruct themselves. In either case, it always turns out the same. An explosion wrecks stages, characters, and nearby items with its abilities.

In Brawl, the time the Bob-omb detonates is increased, meaning it takes longer in its flashing animation from red to black to blow up. However, the amount of time that it remains stationary is decreased, meaning it will walk off earlier than past games.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl if you are in sudden death and no one dies after a while, Bob-ombs continually fall to make the battle end.

[edit] Strategy

Remember that when you are using this item or trying to avoid it that it's an explosive. That means that if you are in a close enough vicinity of the blast area, you will also be effected. That being said, approach them with caution if you see them already on the ground as you approach them. You don't know for sure how long it's been sitting there and you could just walk right into it as it starts to wander. When you pick it up, be sure that your targeted opponent is not very close to you. When trying to avoid this item, just try and either keep away from the person holding it or stay very close to them. Odds are, the person holding it will not want to hit themselves just to hit you. Staying away from it is preferred though. The farther away from it you are, the more time you have to react if it's thrown in your general direction.

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