Blood Brawlers of Darkness OP 3

[spoiler=[color=red]»BBoD[/color] [color=purple][b]H[/b]all[/color] [color=red]of[/color] [color=#CD0000][b]F[/b]ame[/color]] [div align=center][color=#550066][size=4][b]T[/b][/size][size=2]hese are the "Great" Members who have earned a title of official recognition due to various contributions to the crew, ranging from many years of dedication with us, to being very active, to helping out with many crew events such as tournaments and wars.[/size]

[color=#CD0000][size=4][b][u]The Great Members[/u][/b][/size]:[/color]

[size=4]RS Shadow Troup FU453 Sab DCK[/size] [size=3]Art Tank Muffin Omega[/size] [size=2]ML Slice[/size]

[size=2]And the Greatest Member of them all

The guy who loves the pink puffball of power [/size]


[size=2]oh and [size=4]jesse[/size] too for his organization and the first posts.

and almost forgot that guy who everyone hates and loves

[size=4][b][u]Yoshi[/u][/b][/size][/size][/div][/spoiler] [spoiler=»Alliances/Rivalries][div align=center][color=#c4000f][size=1]●[/size][/color][size=3][color=#550066][b]A[/b]lliances[/color][/size]

None at the moment. Message @Cody @Ryan or @Lil YoshiXD@ if you would like to align with us

[color=#c4000f][size=1]●[/size][/color][size=3][color=#550066][b]P[/b]ast Alliances[/color][/size]

[color=#bb0011][size=2] ~Kings Brawl~ ~Sword of Chaos~ ~Heroes of Time~ ~Basic~ ~Shadow Knights of Brawl~ ~Lords of Light~ ~Smash Raiders~ ~Syndicate~ ~The Unleashed Oblivions~[/size][/color]



[size=2][color=#bb0011]None at the moment[/color][/size]

[color=#c4000f][size=1]●[/size][/color][size=3][color=#550066][b]P[/b]ast Rivalries[/color][/size]

[size=2][color=#bb0011]~SOS Brigade~[/color][/size][/div][/spoiler] [spoiler=»3DS Character Stands] [img][/img]-





































[size=2][color=#6a0076][b]T[/b]his idea is from the Immortals Crew. [b]I[/b]t shows who is best with certain characters (or at least, who is most proficient at the ditto). [b]E[/b]ach member can own up to 5 character stands. [b]I[/b]f you challenge for a character stand but your opponent does not show up within two days, you take it by default. [b]N[/b]otify a Leader or Co-Leader when you win the set for a character stand. [b]Y[/b]ou can re-challenge for a stand a day after losing for it.[/color]

[color=#c4000f][u][size=4][b]R[/b][/size]ules:[/u] ~3 stocks~ ~8 minutes~ ~Best 2 out of 3~ ~No Items~

[u][size=4][b]S[/b][/size]tages:[/u] Neutral Stages[/size][/color][/spoiler] [spoiler=Wii U Character Stands][/spoiler] [spoiler=»Old Brawl Records][div align=center][color=#CD0000][size=4][b]Multi-Man Brawl (1 Player)[/b][/size]

[size=2][b]Cruel Brawl[/b][/size]

1. DCKnuckles=20 2. Random Hero Jr=19 3. JeSSe_ThE_KinG=17 4. Blacknight=17 5. Subtle=11

[size=2][b]Endless Brawl[/b][/size]

1. Kotar=200 2. DCKnuckles=185 3. DCKnuckles=164 4. Firedude10=160 5. DCKnuckles=137

[size=2][b]100-Man Brawl[/b][/size]

1. DCKnuckles=2:30:20 2. DCKnuckles=2:35:33 3. DCKnuckles=2:39:66 4. DCKnuckles=2:51:01 5. DCKnuckles=2:53:68

[size=4][b]Multi-Man Brawl (2 Player)[/b][/size]

[size=2][b]Cruel Brawl[/b][/size]

1. 1up and JeSSe_ThE_KinG=14 2. DCKnuckles and friend=9 kills 3. DCKnuckles and friend=5 4. JeSSe_ThE_KinG and Ragnell Swinger=5 5. Shadow Troup and boots99=3

[size=2][b]Endless Brawl[/b][/size]

1. Artsy and friend=474 2. Lil YoshiXD and Frosty10001=326 3. sabatan django and AnimalXing=318 4. DCKnuckles and Artsy=310 5. DCKnuckles and Artsy=267

[size=2][b]100-man Brawl[/b][/size]

1. JeSSe_ThE_KinG and Ragnell Swinger=2:34:98 2. JeSSe_ThE_KinG and Ragnell Swinger=2:47:15 3. JeSSe_ThE_KinG and Ragnell Swinger=3:03:38 4. JeSSe_ThE_KinG and Ragnell Swinger=3:10:53 5. JeSSe_ThE_KinG and Ragnell Swinger=3:21:33

[size=4][b]Homerun Contest[/b][/size]

[size=2][b]1 player[/b][/size]

1. darkhaunter24=2160.6 ft. 2. Shadow Troup=2105.7 ft. 3. DCKnuckles=2011.2 ft. 4. DCKnuckles=1992.2 ft. 5. DCKnuckles=1983.2 ft.

[size=2][b]2 players[/b][/size]

1. Subtle and Slicer=3243.4 ft. 2. DCKnuckles and friend=2890 ft. 3. Shadow Troup and boots99=2745.6 ft. 4. JeSSe_ThE_KinG and Ragnell Swinger=2239.1 ft. 5. JeSSe_ThE_KinG and Ragnell Swinger=2170.3 ft.

[size=2][b]Total Homerun Score[/b][/size]

1. DCKnuckles=60044.9 ft. 2. JeSSe_ThE_KinG=47574.5 ft. 3. Shadow Troup=44325.1 ft. 4. 1up=12509.6 ft. 5. Lil YoshiXD=4 ft.

[size=4][b]Target Smash[/b][/size]

[size=2][b]1 Player[/b][/size]

Level 1: low_snow=6.93 Level 2: Steam=10.91 Level 3: DCKnuckles=14.33 Level 4: DCKnuckles=20.23 Level 5: DCKnuckles=16.05

[size=2][b]2 Players[/b][/size]

Level 1: 1up and cousin=16.13 Level 2: 1up and cousin=21.73 Level 3: DCKnuckles and friend=44.78 Level 4: Level 5:[/div][/color][/color][/spoiler] [spoiler=»Quotations][quote=Fu|message:26373634][color=black]Hey everyone. This is my final goodbye.

It's time to go, like my cat. My life is much more busy. I'm moving on to bigger and better things, Neo. I have a website, art schedule, not to mention school comming up, and my latest video is way overdue. It's just rediculus how my inactivity is distracting BBoD. I've tried, but I can't do it anymore, I just can''s just bull.

So from now on, consider me as gone, I won't delete my profile, but keep in contact by email ( if you'd like. Don't forget about Sonic Island, please check it up everyday.

Goodbye BBoD, bye ryan, bye slicer, dck, spyro, and all the other people who've joined BBoD that I haven't even met, I've been an emptey member slot for too long.

It's time to say goodbye for one last time...

Never forget me,and proove it in a some sort of symbolic way.

I want to give my greatese thanks to BK Man. Who leaded my first crew, The Gods of the Green Hill Sword. Thank you so much, BK.

My final farewell, cya. I must move on to bigger and better things.....

[link name=At least when I go down, I'M GOIN DOWN IN A BLAZE OF GLORY!][/link]

-KJ ;)[/quote]


[quote=Lil YoshiXD|message:26413658][color=black]hey guys i've been gone for a while and i've realized neo is to much for me i can't handle it college friends girlfriends and all at once so i'm quiting neo and therefore this clan

here is a list of ppl i will miss

ryan: u got me in bbod gop and evrything u were like my best neo friend i'm gunna miss u man

sake: we had some fun times back in bod and even bb as allies and here u were my team partner hurry up and get active and run this clan

rs: be the best ike u can be and show his manly power!

jesse: your still a scrub :P

st: u've been one loyal son of a bitc* keep it up and show bbod your skillz!

shadow: screw pogemon code geass and conduit play brawl more!

combat: hope u and ryan get along

darku: hope u and sake get along (familiar huh?)

neo: u've been 1 of my best slaves

muffin: u showed me not all erupeons suck

omz i finnaly actually no where u got the name from be the best beach fan boy/brawler u can be

fire: i hope u like this clan

and to all allies that read this and former allies this is my final farewell since i'm to lazy to go post this in your clans

~Lil YoshiXD out[/quote]


[quote=JeSsEtHeKiNg|message:26415856][quote=tankzortz|message:26415898][color=black]yea, he's pretty active btw, ur custom title is racist :P [/quote]

[/color] [color=black]u dip thats a red vs. blue quote [/quote]


[quote=ryan1234|message:26489025][color=black]I own. I got first post :P

yes its either RS or Yoshi.

[size=4][b]7000 post!!!!!!!!!![/b][/size]

lets make it better :D

[size=4]YOSHI FAILS AT LIFE [/size] [/quote]

[/color] [quote=Trogdor_002|message:26525066][color=black]

They were pretty good. I was like, "Man! Quit spotdodging! RAWRGG!!" That's good though. I'm not used to punishing it.

Lol during that last match my brother-in-law was like, "Oh! She's getting you good. She's gonna mess you up. Aww, your dead here. Oh you made it! OH YOU KILLED HER! She's coming to finish you off here. You're screwed. OH, YOU GOT LUCKY!

He makes everything so dramatic. :laugh:[/color] [/quote]

[quote=Artsy|message:26550854][color=black]So I see I'm not on the members list anymore... Figures, I'm not surprised after how long I've been inactive. The troubles I've been through were too much. I just hope that you haven't forgotten me. No, don't bother trying to open a space in the crew up for me, I just wanted to say a parting message. I may not be on neo for a very long time, at least, not posting in the forums. I will however, keep my account open so I can answer PM's from time to time.

If have a few last requests though. First: If there was a post announcing my removal, please someone PM it to me in the form of a quoted message.

Secondly, I ask, or at least suggest that you put in a section for 'gone, but not forgotten' members somewhere within the first three posts of your crew, and put me in it. Maybe have some people list PM their thoughts about the people in there to thread makers, so they can put it in that section. This is just a request, and something I'd love to see the next time I check back, maybe within a week or two. If you don't, at least put this in the meber quotes section. Please, one or both of the two.

You may rarely see me on Wifi, but I mean rarely, so don't get your hopes up. It was really great knowing all of you, and maybe someday the clouds hanging over me will clear up so I can see the sun again. You all have made me feel safe and secure on the internet, no matter how many noobs, creeps, and scammers there are, you made me feel I was among good company. Despite not seeing you eye to eye, I knew you were all here for me.

Thank you all, and remember three things: 1)You don't have to win to be a winner. 2) It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. 3) My awesome R.O.B. :P

Regards ~Artsy~[/color][/quote]

[quote=InvisibleMuffin|message:26843685][color=black] I'd like to say it's the end of the world, but I never seem to get what I want.[/color] [/quote]

[quote=Return of the Lone Warrior?][color=black]We shall meet again....Hell..ofa brawler...Slice...hope....banner...inspired...vortex of....dark...flames....of blood...cya....soon....thou shalt....beith...royalist...of all by the name of...BRAWL...


Long...yet faithful...[/color][/quote]

[quote=JeSSe_ThE_KinG|message:27262825][color=black] well so far adding up the exp points, i reached level 5 now :D

What? Recruit of Darkness is evolving?

  • dodododo*

[img][/img] *dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuun dun dun dun dun dun dun PING* [img][/img]

Recruit of Darkness evolved into Minion of Darkness

  • dun dun duuuun dududududodudaduuuuh*[/color]


[quote=DCKnuckles|message:27438169][color=red]Well this is the end. My life is crazy and frankly I'm sick of this, so i guess its time i retire... There's many here that I'll miss, and you can always contact me through PM, i'll still be logging on occasionally. Maybe one day I'll be back, but at the moment... its not worth it. And a few notes for some of the people I've talked to the most. RS u r a badass motha *bleep*a! U still owe me brawls btw :suikiasmile: Jec I can't describe the progress I've seen in ur game, and since we haven't brawled in awhile I want to see how much better u have gotten. drop me a PM and we'll brawl sometime. Poncho Mole is a mole :suikiasmile: one of the best ganons I've ever seen, I doubt you'll ever drop out of the clan, and I hope you don't ever. Cross, well u and I didn't talk much, but u stood up for me and gained my respect, I expect I'll see you on the SoC chat sometime, and we'll brawl sometime too.

At this point most of my friends from when I first joined have had their own problems and have left for some reason, so this is about the rest of you that I didn't know that well enough, like Cero, Elmo, Tankz, MTT, and Rio, and well everyone else I just say goodbye.

And finally Slicer. You're and amazing brawler, who came with me to this site. You're a great leader and I hope you manage the crew well. I never will regret promoting you to leader, you deserved it.

Keep in touch with me on the SoC chat, and in PMs, you can also check out my semi-active website, which will soon be on a new server. just ask in a PM.

Sayonara my friends... ~Dark Guardian [img][/img][/color] [/quote]

[quote=ryan1234]ryan doesn't have endings. with him its a never ending story. [/quote]

[quote=JesseTheKing|message:27864863][color=#1C1C1C][ul][size=1]Alright...I'm here...

This crew...its time for it to go was my first crew...I joined Blood Brawlers on December 17, 2008 and it shaped me to what i am today...I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Slicer and my friend Trevor for showing me BB in the first place...i remember my days of being that new guy that posted more than anyone else back in Blood Brawlers and not to mention being allies with Brawlers of Darkness...i met a lot of people while i was Ragnell Swinger which was one that stuck out in my mind the most...and wherever he is right now in life i wish him the best of luck...ryan you may be a lazy bum sometimes but if it wasn't for you this crew wouldn't be where it is today...even when i left BB you managed to make the decision that would ultimately lead to the merge of Blood Brawlers and Brawlers of Darkness that I was not there for and was totally against at first.....and now that i know i made a huge impact on this crew by leaving it and moving on, i can see its condition...its time for it to go peacefully while we still have our dignity...I'll never forget this crew...I met a lot of great people, had many good, memorable moments...participated in tourneys and wars and such that were also fun...leading this crew was fun and enjoyable while it lasted...but now its time for us to go...Good bye Blood Brawlers of Darkness, good bye Blood Brawlers, good bye Brawlers of Darkness....Its been a great run

~Jesse The King[/color][/size][/ul] [/quote]

[quote=Ryan|message:35572445]nope. for mk i play irl mind games with the player. i use my famous one eyebrow wink to make him think im gay.

my fellow co workers call me The Man at work because of this wink and the fact that the supervisors cant say anything to me anymore. [/quote]

[/spoiler] [spoiler=»Why You Should Join BBoD][color=#2E0894][b]T[/b]hese are the reasons why you should join BBOD[/color] [quote=yoshi]this is not a laughing matter its your sexuality.[/quote]

[quote=bk man]So.... Ryan is a homo??? WHAT KIND OF CLAN HAVE I JOINED?!?!?!?!?!?[/quote]

[quote=nohackers]I have apparently joined the clan of the Brawlers world's future dictator...[/quote]

[quote=ryan]Remember kiddies, when ever you are going to have sex with your gf or any random person, expecially if you are going to rape them please wear a condom. And if they are going to rape you, please bring a condom. This is why you should join you will learn to always wear a condom[/quote]


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