All-Star Battle Melee

Event Match 34: All-Star Battle Melee
Event Match 34: All-Star Battle Melee.
Character Used Anyone(2 Stocks)
Opponent Bowser(1 Stock)
Princess Peach(1 Stock)
Princess Zelda(1 Stock)
Ice Climbers(1 Stock)
Marth(1 Stock)
Mr. Game & Watch(1 Stock)
Falco(1 Stock)
Ganondorf(1 Stock)
Stage Pokémon Stadium
Availability Unlockable

Game Description: It's the eight challengers from Melee! What's different between then and now?

All-Star Battle Melee is the thirty-fourth single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The player is able to choose any character they like and they will be put up against the eight newcomers from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Similar to other All-Star event matches, there will be a short delay when an opponenent is KO'd.

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